What Is Tencel & Jogger?

Banana Republic Joggers made in Italy and Made  of Tencel Fabric : What is Tencel?

TENCEL is a cutting edge material made from wood pulp using recyclable solvents.

Tencel has a number of different qualities that make it a worthy choice:

  • Comfortable: Similar to rayon in feel, Tencel is soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable.
  • Lasting: Shrink-resistant, durable and easy to care for, Tencel is an exceptionally strong fiber, both wet and dry.
  • Color Rich: Tencel was created with color in mind, because of the fibers’ high absorbency. The fabrics can be dyed to high quality standards.
  • Easy to Maintain: Tencel garments are easy to pack, resist wrinkling and dry quickly. Most are machine washable, although different garment constructions may have specific cleaning requirements.
  • Natural: Tencel is made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp. The fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resources, and is fully biodegradable.

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