‘ The Red Lipstick’ is Lady Boss ” By Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour say’s in fashion if you are going to do anything wear the red lipstick.

Red lipstick is a cosmetic staple for many women, whether it’s a go-to personal confidence booster or an easy night out accessory. … It became symbolic of strength during a time when men were trying to strip that away from women

Though she adds, “I do personally love the red lipstick and the hoop earrings.”

“I think it’s wonderful to have a young woman in the political arena that is obviously not frightened to say what she means,” the Condé Nast artistic director continues, “that represents another generation that is independent thinking, that isn’t falling into line with the conventional wisdom of what a woman in politics should be or how she should look or how she should conduct herself.”

Wintour concludes, “So, good for her. I’m looking forward to seeing where she takes us.

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