The Phrase ” No Problem” & Not Losing The Weight

As a girl born to speak proper English, I have been broken…

As this has been said to me in a healthcare setting after I have finding the correct place  paid for in a healthcare setting.. is t appropriate ? is it kind ?

According to Websters dictionary ” no Problem ” › define › term=No P… › define › term=No P…

Usually, this phrase is meant as a way to express insincerity, and often it is a way to tell you, that it is indeed, a problem. Whatever happened to just saying …

1 —used to say that one is happy to do something “Thanks for your help.” “No problem.” 2 —used to say that one is not bothered by something “I’m sorry for interrupting you.” “No problem.”


No problem at all” is generally a more emphatic way of saying “no problem“. You can use either but be aware of your audience; some people may perceive one or the other, or even both, as being insincere

In Japanese it means Don’t Even Worry About It, …


When I went to Ideal Protein To Try out their Diet which didn’t work on me, and my doctor who I met after my second son was about  6 – a year old and I had lost all lmy weight with him at 110  pounds ( Dr. Paul Kim  , but we and his clients did not do well with ideal protein so he did not recommend this diet but he did not say ‘ no problem’  but he consoled me said everyone  need to learn to eat…. AS I GAINED WEIGHT AFTER I STOPPED BUYING THE Product”  I was deseperate to lose my weight ……..Therefore he is was correct  the person I bought the food from ” she said ” NO Problem. That was the first Jennivin Lee ( Referral diamond star real estate agents : by a friend Malcolm ?& Nazi Durham & real estate agent and a  childhood family  acquaintance who I helped and she used me Suman Kahlon ? who has known me at 95 pounds ,  )& DR. BOB,  Diamond Star Realtor: Sonia Kohli( She has been losing her weight)(from Sandlewood  ‘ yes was the one who sold the food to me, she said ” No Problem,  this was the first time in my life I have  heard this phrase said to after a purchase  and payment is made to the healthcare provider!

Now when I go to Kaiser, all the girls say ” NO problem” as a girl who was raised in London, and America ” no problem is a new phrase for me.  And I find it somewhat different…as I was raised to speak proper English ….And my mentor sent me to Toastmasters …therefore I finally though why not finally write about no problem as it has become a fashion the Bay Area and a hip thing to say. No Problem when there is all these problems..covid,

As you readers now I have been challenged with losing my weight and yes I am still trying ideal protein did not work on me and I don’t know why?

When I go  to places ,   All the   In  the girls all say” no problem” ?! This is a new trendy diva phrase…

I don’t really understand this phrase ….no problem, sometimes even i say it now ….




Full Discosure : is not working with Ideal protein diets as we did not get results with them, however please feel free to go to try their diet as it might work on you…as what didnt work on me and I learned to     I tried this diet two times  – And I did not lose my weight ! Oh my    Once you stop the product the weight rebounds and you gain double the weight back on, this is a side effect , like some horrible  weight gaining psychiatry medications.

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