Taj Getting Results On Atlean X program

Taj has been exercising for 3  months on the Atlean X program  and Taj lost a whopping 15 pounds and a lot of fat!  He gained  lots of lean muscle on his arms and legs and his waist has become super tiny . 

If Taj  Can Do It -You Can Do It!

WrittenBy Taj.



Jeff Cavalier has received his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Physioneurobiology / Premedicine from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT (one of the top 5 universities in the country in physical therapy and sports medicine). Off the field, Cavaliere is a much sought after author and lecturer, speaking on the topics of baseball injury prevention and sport specific conditioning and has appeared numerous times in print media writing (including many of the top Fitness Magazines) on the topics of sports training, injury rehabilitation and prevention. Consistent with his desire to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of creating the “complete and functional athlete”, Cavaliere also possesses an extensive knowledge of nutrition that he has simplified for the masses and both practices and preaches with outstanding results.

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