Sweet Dreams With Power Of Mg+3

Nightfood Ice Cream Promises Sweet Dreams With the Power of Magnesium

By Tehrene Firman・from Well + Good

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Photo: Stocksy/Pixel Stories


You know the rules. If you want a good night’s sleep, you can’t eat sugary sweets right before you hit the sheets. Even munching on a little dark chocolate could keep you awake. When I first heard about a magnesium ice cream that promised a good night’s sleep, I was skeptical. But it contains a blend of ingredients that might knock you out until morning.

Later this month, NightFood slides into the freezer aisle with an impressive collection of gluten-free and low-sugar ice creams. But the inclusion of magnesium in the brand’s products is causing a stir. According to the company, the ice cream recipes were formulated by sleep and nutrition experts. “Nightfood delivers seriously delicious nighttime ice cream that’s both sleep expert and cravemonster approved,” boasts the brand’s website.


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