New York Bagel & Amazing Food

Today My family  and I  had the New York Bagel it comes complimentary with our hotel that we are staying in  in New York New York and it was good, then we burned off the calories with walking it off site as  we  toured  New York.

New York style bagel – Wikipedia › wiki › New_York_style_bagel
The New York style bagel is the original style of bagel available in the United States, originating from the Jewish community of New York City, and can trace its origins to the bagels made by the Ashkenazi Jews of Poland.
Similar dishes: Montreal-style bagel
Region or state: New York City
Main ingredients: Barley malt
Place of origin: United States
Why is New York known for bagels?

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Although New York City is home of the best bagel around, the bagel actually originated in Poland. … As time went on and the immigrants of New York began to assimilate more, bagels became more popular as more people from different cultures came across them.
Invented in 1610 in the Jewish community ordinances in Kraków,
“A New York bagel has a shiny crust with a little bit of hardness to it and a nice glaze. The inside is very chewy, but not overly doughy. It’s got a slight tang to the taste, and it’s not too big,” she said.
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