We often read about what type of man is no good for a woman, well, it’s about time we find out which type of woman is no good for a man.

1- Name-dropping

It’s misery in itself to sit and listen to your partner’s ex-file and have to endure details which you asked for because you just had to know. If she drops ex bombs every now and then, it probably means she ain’t over the dude and you’re probably just a rebound, albeit a short or long one.


2- Initiating contact is one-sided

We’ve outgrown that high school type of relationship where she waits for you everyday to spark up the conversation, just so you can show that “you want her”. Nah, bro! She needs to realise that she’s grown too and that sometimes she’s going to need to take the initiative, otherwise she’s just no good.


3- You can’t always be Superman

Men love to act like heroes 24/7, but it’s just unrealistic. Even Superman had his ‘Kryptonite’, and we can’t fly or shoot laser beams out of our eyelids. So cut yourself some slack, because you honestly can’t fix everything.

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4- Unfaithful

This doesn’t require much explaining, but there are some of you out there who seem to fall too easily for a pretty face and an apologetic smile. If she cheats on you, you need to leave. Actually, it gives you the right to even tell her you’re leaving her via a text message, if that makes things any easier.


5- I need you to have my back

A woman who doesn’t have your back is hardly a partner, more like a friend you don’t really like, but whenever you see them, you’re very civil because you’re a good person that way. Get you a partner in crime, not a criminal who’s actually a cop and will rat you out or throw you under the bus.


6- Trust, bro trust

Time and time again, we will repeat this piece of knowledge. A woman who doesn’t trust you is a woman that you won’t be keeping for too long, and furthermore, a woman who is more inclined to seek pleasure elsewhere whilst she’s still with you. Image result for do you trust me aladdin gif

7- Women are never wrong

We’ve all heard this expression, be as it may, it’s true most of the time. It’s also unhealthy to be with a woman who never apologises or takes responsibility for her faulty actions. It’s just not right and exhausting.

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 8- Treat carefully 

See what lack of trust leads to? If you have to walk on eggshells when you’re with her, then my friend we’re here to tell you that it’s not worth it at all, not even one bit.

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9- You bring me down!

Your woman should be your backbone. She should lift your spirits and ease your pain when you need it most, not pile on to your headache or make you feel worse about your situation. Not good for you.


10- Just Ungrateful!

Ingrates in a general sense are no good to society. Now, imagine you were in a relationship with one. Everything you do will be taken for granted, even tasks that required a lot of time and attention. In the end, it’d be brushed off as what is expected of you. No, you don’t have to do anything.


11- Stay on your leash!

Does she keep you on a short leash where you’re only allowed to do “relationship” things? No time for you and your boys? Well, that’s the epitome of bad health regarding a lifestyle. You need time to yourself, if not for your own sanity, then for the sake of the relationship as you’d begin to feel trapped.

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There you have it; you have been fairly warned gentlemen. Steer from those who cause you headaches, heartaches and any other type of aches actually.

Source: https://identity-mag.com/11-signs-shes-no-good/