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What Color Handbag Goes With Everything? A Style Guide

Handbags with Assorted Designs and Colors
Did you know that the average American woman owns 11 handbags?Sometimes it can be great to have a variety of handbags to choose from because of all your different outfits. However, other times it’s more practical to have one bag that can match a variety of outfits so you can grab your bag and go.Ever wondered what color handbag goes with everything so you can effortlessly match your bag and outfit? Not to worry, we’ve got all the answers you need if you’re looking for the perfect colored handbag.

What Color Handbag Goes With Everything?

When choosing a suitable handbag there’ll be a few factors that influence your choice. You’ll want to find one that is practical for your needs and one that looks great.

There’s no point in getting a small handbag if you often carry your laptop and work folders with you. Instead, you’ll need one with plenty of space and one that offers security for your possessions.

Similarly, there’s no point in buying a handbag that you don’t like the look or style of. Many people choose to go for a bag that incorporates practicality and appearance, so they can use it all the time. But this means you need to choose the right color.

You might think you know the right answer to what color purse goes with everything. Black right. Black is a classical color choice when it comes to handbag color, simply because it really can be matched with most outfits and with all other colors.

Black is undoubtedly a purse color that goes with everything, you’re not wrong. But it might shock you to find out that it’s not the only color that goes with everything, these colors are also strong contenders:

1. Tan Handbags

Tan colored handbags can be a great addition to your bag collection because similar to black bags, they go with everything. Look for tan colors such as beige and mid-brown to ensure that your bag matches your wardrobe choices.

Tan is among the collection of neutral colors. Neutral colors are known to enhance other colors (such as the items of clothing you choose to wear) instead of fight or contrast them.

If you’re not a fan of tan bags, you could always opt for another neutral color, such as beige, gray, brown, blue, ivory, taupe, and white.

2. Metallic Handbags

Metallic works similarly to neutral colors and can help to enhance your outfit, as opposed to drawing eyes away from it. That’s why metallic handbags are another great choice if you’re looking for a versatile handbag that can match a variety of outfits.

Gold, silver, copper, and other metallic shades are also perfect as year-round handbags, which means you don’t even need to change them as the seasons change.

You can match a metallic bag with casual wear such as jeans and a tee, or you can grab your metallic bag as you head out the door in your evening wear. All outfits work with a metallic bag, so you should really get one!

3. Green Handbags

If you’re looking for a versatile handbag with more color than tan or metallic, you might want to consider getting a green bag. Adding a splash of green goes well with most outfits and will help to enhance your look, without drawing attention away.

Green handbags go particularly great with outfits that feature bright colors, such as pinks, purples, yellows, or reds. But green handbags can also brighten up more neutral and classical looks, such as blacks, browns, and whites.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder green color that’ll complement all of your outfits you should choose a bright green. If you’re looking for a more reserved, subtle green color then you should choose a darker shade, such as khaki or olive.

The color green has also been linked to relieving stress and bringing calmness (perhaps because of it’s connotations to nature), so this is a great bag color to have in your wardrobe.

4. Teal Handbags

A cooler shade away from green and you have teal, which is also a great choice when it comes to a color that goes with everything. Teal is also thought to be a flattering color for all skin tones, so it’s a strong contender for an all-rounder handbag.

This warm-based blue color can effortlessly complement all outfits. Whether you enjoy wearing neutral-colored outfits or if you prefer colorful outfits, teal is a perfect choice. It’s also a beautiful color that can brighten up a dull day, so it’s a great winter bag choice.

5. Pink Handbags

Having seasonal bags is a good way to keep your wardrobe looking fresh, which is why if you’re looking for the perfect summer handbag colors you might want to choose pinks and reds. These bright and vibrant colors often work best with neutral outfits, but can also add contrast to colorful outfits too.

Is it time to add a new bag to your wardrobe? Or perhaps you’ve bought a new outfit but don’t have the perfect bag to complement it? Then discover your ideal bag, based on your preferences, style, and color needs for less with these wholesale handbags.

Finish Your Look Off With the Perfect Handbag

Use our guide on what color handbag goes with everything to find your ideal all-rounder handbag. Don’t be afraid to try different shades with your different outfits to find your favorite handbag. And remember to keep your outfits playful and fresh by regularly circulating different handbags.

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