Clothing Sales Are Up ‘Great For business’ And Kanwal! 👍

The Gap Corporation stores

The  Gap corporate store sales are doing great,  👍  is also doing well. I wished  Neimans company the store I worked with  had not closedown. It is good to see that the is Nasdaq doing better with excellent  healthcare insurance companies. good medicine for  family  and good  ‘doctors’🥼 .

The Green Tea 🫖 Is I

Clothing sales are up as shoppers seek to step out in style … › money 
People are starting to spend more on clothing and apparel items as … Smaller weddings, bigger price tags:How COVID19 started a new trend in weddings … Adamson, who works in public healthand public policy, is on the same boat. … brands such as J. Crew, Banana Republic, Converse and Patagonia, …
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