Brown Is The Color For January

What color represents January?
Caramel is brown
Every month and date has a unique color just as every person is. The color for January is Caramel. Pantone says that people born in January are logical, surefooted and that caramel is a color of substance and determination.
The process may or may not involve a reactant (acid, alkali or salt) There are four class of caramel color: plain caramel, caustic sulphite caramel, ammonia caramel, and sulfite am
What are the health effects of caramel coloring?
Health Effects of Caramel Colorings 1 Identification. The four types of caramel coloring include plain caramel; a type that reacts sugar with sulfites; one that reacts sugars with ammonium compounds; and one that reacts sug
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