Brad Pitt & Property Brothers ‘Celebrity IOU’

Hollywood has made its way to HGTV! Last night, the Property Brothers premiered their new home renovation show Celebrity IOU. The episode, starring A-lister Brad Pitt, took an emotional turn when the final renovations were revealed.

The new series sees the siblings partnering with a different celeb each episode. The Property Brothers then transform a space for someone special in the star’s lives followed by an epic surprise reveal.

Pitt chose to put in the work for his makeup artist Jean Ann Black who he’s worked with and been friends with for almost 30 years.

Their project for the makeup artist included transforming a garage into a beautiful Santa Monica guest home that could also work as a makeup studio.

While the project was underway, Pitt revealed how much Black has done for him over the years, emphasizing how much she “understands him.” He even went as far as to call her “his family.”

Pitt was no stranger to getting his hands dirty either. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor not only assisted with the architecture side of the renovation but also helped with the demolition.

In an interview with ET Online before the episode premiered, Jonathan Scott admitted it was “so cool to see someone that’s such a huge celebrity just want to get in and put his own hands in on the work because he wanted to do this for someone he loves.”

The bond he and Black share made the end result even more emotional for the actor.

The brothers used their expertise to make the space even more personalized. They added finishing touches to the property like mementos symbolizing Black’s parents who had passed.

Getting overwhelmed, Pitt expressed that the space “will mean so much to her” even addressing how emotional the renovation got him, “I’m the guy who’s gonna cry on television… It’s just great.”

Future episodes of the series are set to feature celebs like Melissa McCarthy, Jeremy Renner, Rebel Wilson, Michael Bublé, and Viola Davis.

The next episode of Celebrity IOU is set to air on April 20. You can watch the full trailer below.

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