Dwayne Wade Last Game

‘Amazing’: Dwyane Wade plays his last game in Miami

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade tosses a basketball before a game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, in Miami. Wade is playing his final home regular season game before retiring at the end of the season. (Lynne Sladky/Associated Press)


MIAMI — Come Thursday, Dwyane Wade will have no games left.

That is the reality, like it or not. After 16 seasons as an NBA player, after three championships, an almost-annual spot in the All-Star Game, a scoring title, three franchises, four children, an Olympic gold medal and 161 teammates, the end is here.

On Tuesday, Wade was playing his final regular-season home game when the Miami Heat hosted the Philadelphia 76ers — with Wade in the starting lineup for the first time all season. On Wednesday, it’ll be a game at Brooklyn to end the season. The Heat started Tuesday with a slim playoff chance, which ended when Detroit beat Memphis.

“I gave this game everything I had,” Wade said. “And I have appreciated every bit of it.”

So Tuesday was the farewell in Miami for Wade. It was the 576th and final time he played at AmericanAirlines Arena, all but one of those coming in a Heat uniform.

“It’s been incredible. It’s been amazing,” Wade said. “A lot of people in that arena have watched me grow, have watched me be imperfect, have watched me make a lot of mistakes in life, as well as watched me blossom and watched me do amazing things, great things. I’m thankful for it.”

The game didn’t tip off until 7:50 p.m. Tributes started in the morning.

A Budweiser video showed Wade getting gifts from people — his mother, Jolinda Wade, and others including Andrea Ghersi, the sister of slain teen Joaquin “Guac” Oliver — in a nod to the way he’s exchanged jerseys with fellow players all season. Gatorade aired a video starring John Legend , who sang a tribute to Wade’s No. 3. Heat President Pat Riley wrote a letter to Wade published in the game program, saying Wade will be loved “forever and for always.”

Ghersi gave Wade her brother’s jersey in the video, which was taped last week. The jersey — No. 3, of course — came with words scrawled in marker: “Please don’t forget my brother.”

There was a pregame series of events inside the arena. Wade addressed the crowd, thanking every teammate — even ones no longer on this season’s roster — by name. Wade’s children were there. Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, where the Feb. 14, 2018, massacre left 17 dead, performed the national anthem. It was fitting that the kids from MSD were there; the tragedy touched Wade deeply and Oliver, one of the victims, was buried in a Wade jersey.

The end of the anthem was drowned out by cheers. Wade’s face appeared on the video screens. The fans roared.

“Noooooooo,” Wade said. “Y’all are not about to make me cry before this game.”

His wife Gabrielle Union-Wade, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, former Heat greats Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James, Heat teammate Udonis Haslem and Riley narrated a 5-minute pregame video. Hardly anyone was sitting. Even the 76ers stayed on the floor and watched, looking up the whole time. Zaire Wade, his oldest son, introduced his dad in the same way that his father taped his famous “From Robbins, Illinois” commercial nearly 15 years ago.

“This city will always be proud to rep your name across our backs,” Riley said.

Former President Barack Obama — like Wade, a proud Chicagoan — sent a taped message as well, playing during the first timeout.

“I hope that the next phase of your life is just as fulfilling and just as spectacular as this one has been,” Obama said.

Wade “L3GACY” shirts were given to fans, some of whom spent thousands of dollars for their seats. They got Wade commemorative lanyards. They bought Wade apparel. Some arena workers asked if they could be excused from wearing the usual game-night garb and don Wade jerseys instead. Fans flew in from as far as Australia and China. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sent his regards in a video.

There also was a game, which seemed ancillary. The first shot? A dunk, by Wade. The decision for him to start was made by him and Spoelstra about six hours before gametime. The reason? They wanted that moment, one more time.

“I don’t want this to end,” said Spoelstra, who arrived for work Tuesday wearing a shirt with a photo of the scene that followed Wade’s game-winning shot against Golden State emblazoned across his chest. “I’m literally having more fun this year and last year than in any of the other years with Dwyane.”

They are the same in so many ways, Wade and Spoelstra. Both came to the Heat as unsure young men. Both have three championship rings now. Both are likely for the Basketball Hall of Fame. When Spoelstra was promoted to head coach in April 2008, he was unsure if he’d be able to handle the job — until he met with Wade a few months later and got pumped full of confidence.

“That’s what great players do,” Spoelstra said. “You talk about Hall of Fame players, they make the other players around them better. Well, great, Hall of Fame, superstar players also make their coaches better. And that’s what Dwyane did.”

Wade is beloved in Miami, of course, for obvious reasons. Beloved in Chicago, too, his hometown. Beloved in Milwaukee, where he took Marquette to a Final Four in 2003.

And this farewell tour — the “One Last Dance” — is a league-wide victory lap for someone NBA players rave about.

“A legend,” Toronto’s Kyle Lowry said.

“Still amazing,” Dallas’ Luka Doncic said.

“My idol,” Washington’s Bradley Beal said.

“A leader,” Detroit’s Wayne Ellington said.

“True winner,” Phoenix’s Devin Booker said.

Wade isn’t 2008 Wade, or Big 3-era Wade, or NBA Finals MVP Wade anymore. But he’s still superb, and with a flair for the dramatic — such as the buzzer-beater to top Golden State a few weeks ago. He’s been the best Heat player all season. It’s hard to imagine how Miami will replace him, because he is going to be clearly missed.

But that’s also part of the reason why this season is his last. Wade didn’t want to go out as a shell of his former self. He wanted to leave the stage with the fans clamoring for more, and that is precisely what has occurred.

“That’s the sweet part of it, seeing him be able to go off on his own terms, saying when he’s done,” James said. “Nobody forced him out or did anything of that nature. He’s able just to hang it up when he was ready to hang it up and be at peace with it all.”


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Basketball Shoesbasketball For Guys

The Best Basketball Shoes for Guys

Control the court with these high-flying kicks.

Basketball player tying up his shoelaces


Basketball players depend on their feet to jump, cut, and sprint, so it’s essential that they have the right pair of shoes. The perfect kicks should be a blend of lightweight court grip and lockdown support, so that every movement, from stops and starts to explosive leaps and bounds, feels comfortable.

Performance is important, but so are looks. Since pro basketball takes place indoors under the bright lights of NBA arenas, the court becomes a de facto fashion show, with the most visible players getting the flashiest, best performing shoes under their own lines. As one of Nike’s early ad campaigns for Michael Jordan taught us, at least part of his otherworldly game has gotta be the shoes.

For the rest of us, a hot look paired with a good fit is what counts when we hit the rec court. Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. and associate fitness editor Brett Williams compiled this list of the best high-flying kicks in the game right now, with the buzziest signature shoes and some low-key top performers for anyone just looking for a pair to lace up and ball.

Nike LeBron 16



The newest LeBron sneakers build on the eye-catching battle knit design of 2017’s LeBron 15s, once again delivering a combination of bounce and support, especially if you’re a post player. The best part: an improved traction pattern on the bottom that’ll have you feeling in control on hardwood and blacktop alike—and almost completely eliminate slipping. – Eb

PUMA Uproar Charlotte

Puma is back in the game after a long hiatus, but the brand has come out of the gate strong with high-profile endorsements and flashy social media campaign. All that noise would mean nothing if the shoes themselves couldn’t perform—but the second pair of kicks in the Puma Hoops line, the Uproar, live up to the hype. We got a sneak-peek before they hit the market in time for the 2019 All-Star weekend in Charlotte, and found that the super-light sneakers provide a lockdown fit, with just enough cushion to keep the feet comfortable on the hardwood. -Brett

Air Jordan XXXIII



The 33rd edition of His Airness’ kicks do away with the most basic thing on your kicks: Laces. Their replacement: A FastFit cable solution that has you simply pulling hard to secure. And yes, it works, solidly locking down your entire foot, and even securing your heel. The result: A durable, light shoe that’ll have you comfortably changing direction on the court. -Eb

Harden Vol. 3 Shoes



Low-top lovers will find their on-court match with the third iteration of reigning NBA MVP James Harden’s signature adidas line. The kicks feature the same Boost foam that runners depend on for major energy return, so prep for big bounce, while the lockdown strap over the forefoot keeps you dialed in. -Brett

Basketball Shoe PG 3



Paul George’s signature shoe is all about freedom. The PG3s feel light and unrestrictive, letting you elevate with ease, but still offering cushioning on landings and enough ankle support to make you feel comfortable changing direction. A grippy sole completes an underrated package that won’t shatter your wallet, either. -Eb

Marquee Boost Low



Top-notch performance is implied in the Marquee Boost’s name—and a midsole filled with adidas’ most popular cushioning material makes it clear this shoe is no slouch. Added ankle support gives those wary of a low-cut basketball shoe some extra comfort, too. -Brett

UA Anatomix Spawn Low

Under Armourunderarmour.com


UnderArmour updates one of its best shoe designs with the new Spawns, super-breathable kicks that offer a tight fit and surprising flexibility in the forefoot—the kind of flexibility that players who cut and change direction often will love. -Eb

Air Max Infuriate 2 Mid



If you’re not looking to drop triple digits on a pair of shoes for your weekend rec league, these mids from Nike fit the bill. You’ll still get a flashy Max Air unit in the sole and a dynamic lacing system without the extra bling from the association with a big-name endorser. -Brett

UA Anomaly

Under Armourunderarmour.com


This pair of mids from Under Armour offers performance in a no-frills package for a low cost. Extra padding around the tongue and ankle collar makes the fit more comfortable, and built-in ankle support can help to keep even the clumsiest post players from rolling their ankles. -Brett

Jordan Lift Off



These mids from Jordan might be one of the brand’s more low-key offerings, but that doesn’t mean the shoe won’t perform on the court. The Lift Off clearly takes design cues from the Jordan VI, a classic from the Jumpman’s Chicago Bulls days—you just won’t need to wait for a hyped retro release or pay top dollar to play like Mike in the shoes today. -Brett

Brett Williams is an Associate Fitness Editor at Men’s Health.
Ebenzer Samuel, C.S.C.S., is the fitness director of Men’s Health and a certified trainer with more than 10 years of training experience.

Review Of AirPods Vs AirDots


We compared Apple’s $159 AirPods to Xiaomi’s $30 AirDots and the winner was clear

  • Apple AirPods have a low-price competitor: Xiaomi came out with $30 knockoffs called AirDots that are currently only available in China.
  • We tried the AirDots to see how they compared against Apple’s $159 AirPods.
  • Watch the video above to find out if AirPods are worth the cost or if AirDots provide the same quality wireless headphones for a fraction of the price.

These are AirPods, Apple’s $159 wireless headphones and these are AirDots, Xiaomi’s $30 wireless headphones.

Xiaomi has long been referred to as the Apple of China. So we wanted to know, how do the headphones compare? Are AirPods worth the cost? Or can AirDots provide the same quality for one-fifth the price?

Let’s start with looks. AirPods weigh approximately 46 grams or 1.6 ounces (4 grams per each AirPod and 38 grams for the case). And the AirDots weigh approximately 39 grams or 1.4 ounces (4.2 grams per each AirDot and 36 grams for the case). Both come in a container about the size of a pack of floss.

As for design, AirPods basically look like your normal Apple EarPods without the wire. They’re long, sleek, and are generally molded to the shape of an ear. The AirDots look more like hearing aids. They’re in-ear headphones that have an oval shape exterior which makes the earbuds bulky and a little bit heavy despite being a fraction of the weight of the AirPods.

Both the AirPods and the AirDots will automatically connect to your Bluetooth device when you put them in your ear. The AirPods do connect a little faster to your iPhone because it’s an Apple product, but the AirDots still connect pretty quickly. Bluetooth, in general, is still an issue. I’ve had my AirPods glitch on me one or two times before. The sound would go in and out and there was one instance where only one of my AirDots was connected.

The AirPods are pretty comfortable and require very little effort to place in your ear. AirDots, on the other hand, require a bit more effort to stick them in your ear. Since they’re in-ear headphones, the silicone rubber earbuds can be uncomfortable to wear. You might feel like your ears are clogged, as if you’re in an airplane or underwater and they might take some time to fit and adjust in your ears. However, once they are in there, they rarely fall out no matter how hard you shake your head.

Moving on to the most important part, the sound quality. AirPods don’t have a noise-canceling feature but music still sounds crisp and there’s a decent bass. AirDots have a really good noise-canceling feature, a powerful bass, and clear sound. Unlike the headphones that sit in the outer ear, these earbuds extend into your ear canal, blocking out most sound from your surroundings. While this can provide you with some high-quality music, it might not be good if you like hearing everything around you. I wore them while walking down the busy streets of New York City and I couldn’t hear any honking cars or the loud crowd.

You can also make phone calls on both devices. AirPods filter out the background noise pretty well and are able to emphasize the person’s voice, but AirDots have limitations. You can hear a lot of background noise, like ruffling sounds from your clothes and your footsteps, which is distracting when you have to take a call on the go. If you use earbuds a lot for phone calls, you might wanna stay away from AirDots, despite them being good at blocking background noise while listening to music.

To end a phone call, you have to double tap your AirPods. For AirDots, you can single tap. You can also single tap either side of your AirDots to play a song, pause a song, or double tap to open voice assistant. While single tapping sounds like a more simple gesture it can actually be an issue. You could be adjusting your AirDots in your ear but it would register it as a tapping motion on the headphones. AirPods, on the other hand, offer a double tap feature that you can customize for each bud. You can set one AirPod to play the next or the previous track and the other pair to pause a song, open Siri, or turn the feature off completely. Taking one AirPod out of your ear also stops the music from playing.

These headphones also offer similar ranges. Apple claims the AirPods have a range of about 12 meters or 40 feet while Xiaomi says the AirDots can reach about 10 meters or 32 feet.

As for battery life, AirPods can last up to 5 hours of constant listening while AirDots can last up to 4 hours. Both devices come with a case that charges them. However, the AirPods will show you the battery percentage for both the case and the headphone on your phone while the AirDots will only show you the battery icon on your connected mobile device. There are lights on both headphones that indicate when they’re charging. The AirPods use the same lightning cable as your iPhone so you don’t have to worry about carrying another cable to charge them, whereas the AirDots use a micro USB cable.

Overall, for $30, I say the AirDots are a great deal. They’re a solid set of wireless headphones that have most of the features of the AirPods at a fraction of the price. But if you don’t mind the high price tag, want the customization of AirPods, and are already in Apple’s ecosystem, the AirPods may be the way to go.

Egg Breaks World Record !




If the average Instagram user had been asked to guess what kind of post would de-throne the most popular post on the site, they probably wouldn’t have guessed this.

The “world record egg,” a photo of a plain egg with a white background, has tens of millions of likes and counting. That makes it the most-liked post of all time on the site. An Instagram spokesperson confirmed this stat to ABC, saying, “It’s true – an egg cracked the record. The most-liked photo on Instagram is now a post with an image of an egg from @world_record_egg. 2019 is going to be eggcellent!”

ABC heard from the owner of the “world record egg” account, who said he or she is an individual living in London. In an email, the Instagram eggs-pert explained where the idea came from.

“While doing dry January I was sitting at home reading an article online about the top 20 Instagram posts of 2018,” the email reads. “I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and beat the record with something as basic as possible.”

In its caption, the egg account called out Instagram megastar Kylie Jenner.

“Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram,” the caption reads. “Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this.”

The post was referring to a photo Jenner shared shortly after the birth of her daughter, Stormi Webster, last year.

Of the egg’s fast-tracked popularity, the individual wrote it shows “that the internet is amazing. But it wasn’t me that achieved it, it was the Egg Gang.”

“I guess it’s also a comment on celebrity culture and how fragile and easily cracked it is (pun intended),” the individual wrote. “But really I just thought it would be funny if something as simple as an egg could take the crown.”

Though the egg photo was originally posted on Jan. 4, the picture reached another level of attention on Sunday night, when it surpassed Jenner’s baby photo.

Shortly after, Jenner herself posted a video in which she cracked an egg on the ground, captioning it “Take that little egg.”

Perhaps no one familiar with the ways of the internet will be surprised to learn this, but Jenner’s post surpassed 15 million views overnight.

On Monday, the post surpassed 30 million likes and received a blue check mark to become a verified account. The Instagram Twitter account wrote of the feat, “Eggcellent work here.”

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