Arbonne Success Story

Thank You To my family members & Sunny &  Arosha my brother and  my sister-in-law  who was and   become a  Success Story .  I tried a sample of the Fizz Stick and  purchased the Arbonne Skincare Repair  Cream during an Arbonne Event.  Arbonne products  include skincare, nutrition, cosmetics, hair care, and baby products, and are sold in the United States , Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, and New Zealand.

Health Tip:   Ask Your doctor  for long term results.


Written By Arosha Peiris Nijjar
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Growing up in Sri Lanka, meal times consisted of wholesome grains from paddy fields, farm fresh veggies and fresh fish caught daily by local fisherman. There was a huge emphasis on eating a well balanced meal and that nutrition was paramount to one’s mental and physical well being. Fast forward forty years, I am now trying to transfer these same ideas  to my twin daughters and husband in hopes that we can make the best food related choices as a family. As a full time working mom, these choices aren’t always easy and meal times can often be stressful. I’ve always been active growing up. In high school, I ran long distance events for track and field and continued to run through out college and years after. Having gone through a few years of infertility treatment, I have battled the hormonal effects that can take a toll on one’s body and state of mind. Definitely well worth it since we were blessed with two beautiful baby girls. However, I have now embarked on a journey to redefine a healthier lifestyle after a few years of neglect. More recently, I’ve rediscovered my love of running which is not only a great physical release but an important mental destress. I look forward to learning from your experiences and sharing my own!