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About Me

My name is Kanwal  Nijjar Sodhi, I was born in London, England and I moved to the United States of America at a young age.  I am a wife, a mother of two. I am also a fashion &  fitness &  global  entrepreneur blogger and editor of the website ReviewFitHealth. As the chief executive officer of ReviewFitHealth I have a large range of responsibilities which range from social media, advertising, posting, and marketing.

My goal with this website was to create a place on the internet where information could find credible information about fashion & fitness  . I wanted this website to be able to be informative for people all around the globe. It is no wonder that we have views from every continent (except Antartica).









My team consists of my two children, Armaan and Taj whose responsibilities are listed below:

Armaan Nijjar Sodhi who is a consultant on posts as well as helping to manage the site structure and data management. He also acts as a liaison to web hosting services.


Taj Nijjar Sodhi is an athlete and student who advises and consults on posts and social media.

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ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 1 Year Anniversary Achievement

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